Google Instant For SEO?

Google Instant For SEO?Leighton Asia Seo – Unless you have been fast asleep, or extremely busy, then you will know all about Google Instant. This is the latest in Google’s recently released tools, and has pretty much taken the world by storm overnight. Everybody searches the internet differently, using search engines, but Google Instant could actually ensure everyone searches the same way Pakar SEO – quicker, easier, and more accurately.

Google Instant will display results according to the words and letters you type into the search box. Every letter you type displays a different set of results – instantly (hence the name, of course). Whilst this means you can get a lot done in a day of searching the web, and people will be finding things on the internet much easier using suggested search terms (rather than typing in what they would have typed), it does mean that SEO may have changed for the marketers Master SEO out there.

Google’s Sergey Brin said on stage that SEO would remain unchanged;

Q: Impact on SEO?
A: Basically it stays the same. It’s still the same results, it’s just adapting to behavior.

However, let us take the perfect example of a blogger setting up a website with the specific intention of sending traffic to a product on Amazon. The marketer finds some great keywords for a Samsung plasma TV, that have 1000 searches a month, and the commission will of course be excellent. The search term is “Samsung plasma PD45748”. Normally, this would seem like the perfect keyword, and the website would only need one sale to be profitable. In those 1000 p

eople, most will use Google Instant, typing “Samsung plasma PD45748” and getting results flashing up below them for “cheapest Samsung plasma pd45…” etc. This means your competition is not just websites in the rankings Jasa SEO – it is Google itself. As long as we all move with the changes, and start looking at the way Google is presenting this data, then we will be fine. We will still be able to pick a keyword, and check that it will get clicks on the top 10. The difference is, we will have to look at what Google Instant suggests as well.

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